Eliminan una causa frecuente de fallos en los rodamientos

En las minas y los molinos existen numerosas condiciones de funcionamiento que pueden provocar fallos prematuros en los rodamientos. Sin embargo, en los rodamientos de gran tamaño, los errores de montaje son una de las causas más frecuentes de fallos.


Reliable mounting for large size bearings

The SensorMount system consists of a bearing with an integrated sensor and a dedicated handheld indicator. It enables large size, tapered bore SKF spherical roller bearings of CAK design and CARB to be mounted in an easy to use, fast and reliable way.
Measure with confidence with SKF
The conventional process for controlling inner ring expansion during mounting involves indirect measurement of the ring’s axial displacement, rather than the expansion itself. Factors such as surface roughness on the shaft seating, the injection oil viscosity and inaccuracies of mounting tools can lead to inaccurate measurement.

While the bearing is still driven up the tapered seating using normal mounting tools, the SensorMount system makes it possible to measure exactly how much the inner ring expands, thus ensuring an accurate interference fit between the bearing and the shaft.
  • Speeds up and simplifies bearing mounting
  • Requires less specialized mounting skills
  • Reduces the chance of mounting errors
  • Displays direct reading of the fit
  • Increases bearing service life
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